Book: “Ateizmi Anlamak” (Understanding Atheism)

Title: Ateizmi Anlamak (Understanding Atheism)

Author: Aydin Turk

Publisher: Propaganda Yayinlari

ISBN: 978-0-9879366-7-7

Language: Turkish

Length: 267 pages (e-book version), 327 pages (printed version)

Availability: Available as an e-book from iTunes, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Baker Taylor, etc. Printed version is also available at

Summary: This book is the first one of its kind. It is written by a Turkish author, who is an atheist with a muslim background, on the subject of atheism. It is written for the muslims, looking at atheism from their point of view, and answering their questions about atheism and explaining atheism to them.

Earlier books in Turkey that were considered atheist books were mostly focused on the criticism of Koran and Islam, arguing why they were man made. They didn’t go into great lengths about the philosophical and scientific background for atheism, didn’t cover arguments for and against God’s existence in great detail, didn’t cover evolution theory as an atheist explanation of life (books on evolution usually didn’t want to deal with the religious implications of the theory in Turkey), didn’t cover cosmology from an atheist perspective like this book does, and didn’t talk about the cultural and social aspects of atheism. There were some books translated from western authors that covered some of these subjects from a westerner point of view, but there were no home grown atheist books in Turkey that cover these topics like this book does. No matter how you look at it, this book is a first in Turkey.

Who is the author?

Aydin Turk is a Turkish/American atheist activist. He isĀ  one of the founders of the most well known Turkish atheist website and online community and the member of various online atheist groups. He participated in many projects to promote atheism, including translation of the Talkorigins archive to Turkish, creation of various web sites and blog sites on atheism and evolution theory, and fighting for freedom of speech for Turkish atheists. He gave interviews to various Turkish newspapers in the past regarding Turkish atheism. He is also a member of the evolutionist group that filed a lawsuit against Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) in September 2012.

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